Hello Kitty #1

Hello Kitty #2

Butterfly Cake 

Dr. Coat


Cool Green Gecko

Pink Ombre Ruffle

Blue Ombre Ruffle


Rockin Ganache

 Red Velvet

Paintball Splatter

 Back to the 80's

Pink Flowers

Alligator, Alligator... 

Yellow Roses

Picnic Celebration

Apple Blossoms

 Chocolate Basket Weave

Daisy Polka Dots


 Flower Dora 


 Guitar Cake

  Pink Flower


Go Mets

 Backyard Puppy 

Gone Camping

 Clover Corners

Dreamy Clouds

 Hot Pink

Thomas the Train

Dora Princess

Pink Heart

Double Chocolate 


Alice in Wonderland


Hawaiian Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

Hawaiian Sweet Bread Loaf

 Hawaiian Sweet Rolls 
A dozen (24 oz) Rounds or Pull Apart


Tori's Cake
(Photo by kristaadamsphotography)

Leesa's Cake



Truffle Tower

3 Tiers

Talk Story Archive

In the Islands there is a phrase we use called..."Talk Story" where family and friends gather and talk, laugh, listen, eat, and have a good time. During my youth, I loved talking story and that is when I learned all about my family and culture while eating a variety of Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Portuguese and all kinds of other ethnic foods. I like to talk about cooking and baking because there's so much more that goes into the dishes then what you see in the end. I do cook some of the Local Island foods for my family and friends, but lately I have been craving specific ones that I want to share with you and "talk story".
Count down to Halloween (10/01/14)

Pumpkin patch, Jack o Lanterns, and Mummy Cakes. What spooktackular treat will I come up with this Halloween! 

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (9/01/14)
This week I am craving Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. It's a taste of "Aloha" that can be eaten by itself, used for sandwiches or a side. My mother would make these and the aroma of rising and baking bread would fill our home. One pan was never enough for my family and I loved the smell and taste of fresh rolls right from the oven. If it wasn't gone before the next day, we dipped it in hot cocoa when I was little. Today, it still disappears quickly among my own kids and I still dip my bread in hot cocoa. It's delicious no matter how you choose to eat it! 

As you can tell, I've been expanding and experimenting on these rolls and now have Sweet: 
Cinnamon Rolls, Bread Loaves: in Guava or Pineapple and roll rounds.